Ruhservomotor designs and manufactures laser cutting machines on the basis of the linear actuator and fiber laser.
Laser cutting machine is designed for automatic metal laser cutting of sheet metal

    The laser cutting machine LaserCUT-xxx is used for a wide spectrum of technological operations including cutting and welding of a sheet material, and also for hardening of separate contours of details with constructional and stainless steel and constructed on the basis of the most advanced innovative decisions both regarding laser technologies, and regarding co-ordinate and hardware-software systems. Fiber-optical lasers of firm IRE-POLUS(IPG Photonics) perfectly proved the in systems of industrial welding and cutting, and advantages 3-coordinate systems on the basis of a direct drive firm Ruhservomotor give the guaranteed reserve on all accuracy and dynamic characteristic, providing reliable long-term operation of the equipment in workshop conditions.    

Ruhservomotor are manufactured laser cutting machine cutting of the following modifications:
1 Laser cuttinng machines LaserCut 3015-1,
2 Laser cuttinng machines LaserCut 3015-2,
3 Laser cuttinng machines LaserCut 3015-3

Laser cutting machine LaserCut-3000 is used for a cutting of wide range of materials:
constructional and stainless steel, aliminium and its alloys, copper alloys. It personifies the advanced
innovative solutions both from the laser technology and gantry systems fields.
The laser cutting machine is equipped with fiber-optical laser of international corporation IPG Photonics Corp,
which has perfectly proved itselfin the industrial cutting and welding systems, and the advantages of
Ruchservomotor gantry systems based onlinear drives, which give the guaranteed accuracy and dynamic
characteristics margin, ensuring reliable and long-term maintenance in the work shop conditions.
Main advantages:
High accuracy and speed of the contour-cutting of the sheet material with thickness from 0,5 to 25mm ;
The absence of open optical channel for energy transfer - the laser emission is transferred via flexible
optical channel directly into cutting zone;
The economy efficiency of the technological processes because of high efficiency factor of the fiber
itterbium laser (4 times more efficient than CO systems); 2
Low operating costs during system maintenance due to high reliability of the gantry system and itterbium
fiber laser, as well as the absence of needs to use high clearing gases for service of optical paths of the
Standart machine delivery includes section cutting table with 2 sliding pallettes, system of air filtration with
self-cleaning of cartridges. Thanks to it’s this machine provides optimum productivity, precision
processing, high quality cutting and profitability of operation.

LaserCUT-3000 in its basic assembly consists of gantry system 3x1.5m(option - 2x6m)
Z-stage, controller, sensor for tracking the sheet surface, itterbium fibre laser with power
from 2kW to 4kW,cooled optical head with collimator and exchangeable nozzles for
supplying cutting gas.
In the capacity of feeding devices linear synchronous servomotors made by
“Ruchservomotor Ltd.” are used.The motors are built in aluminium profile with linear
feedback sensors and precision linear guideways, which are protected from sparks and
drops of smelt by heat-resistant bellows.
High peak force and rigidity of the linear drive ensure required accelerations up to 1.5g,
which are necessary for improvement of the productivity of the machine during the
cutting parts with small bending radius and acute angles.
Due to the direct drive usage the laser cutting machines are characterized by high feed
rate and free movement speed up to 180m/min high static and dynamic accuracy and absence of backlash.

The used software, CNC and controllers manufactured are characterized by completely
digital control a drive, compatibility with widespread programs CAD-CAM of optimization
sheet cutting,interpretation of standard formats of commands of moving in a G-code,
and also the spline-interpolation, allowing to carry out cutting any curvilinear trajectories
without a time-lapse stop, that essentially raises productivity of the machine tool.
While in service laser machine LaserCUT made by Ruchservomotor have proved
as the exact, high-efficiency and reliable equipment completely corresponding to
requirements of modern manufacture.

Design basic elements:

· 1. Gantry construction on the linear motors base provides:

-Programmed control by moving of a laser head on axes Х, Y, Z;
-Automatic maintenance of a constant backlash between a laser head and processed preparation;
-Minimum quantity of single movings on axis Z;
-Speed of single movings on axes Х, Y - up to 180 m/mines;
-Axial acceleration - up to 1.5g;
-Planimetric acceleration - up to 1.5g;
The-error of repeated positioning - not worse ±0,05 mm;
-Fixing of shuttle tables at processing;
-Protection guideways and motors from a dust and combustion products;

2. The fiber laser.

- The fiber laser is made by firm IRE-POLUS is a part of international corporation IPG Photonics Corp.
- The fiber laser used for fine cutting of metal sheet of a constructional steel with thickness 0.5 - 20 mm.

Advantages of the fiber laser:
1. Because of the a wave length of fiber laser 10 times less, than at СО2 the laser (fiber - 1,06 microns, СО2 - 10,6 microns) the higher density of energy on a material is reached. Therefore efficiency of its at cutting application with the thickness 2-8 mm in 2,5-3 times higher.
At increase of material thickness the efficiency decrease, but all the same remains above in 1,5 times.
Practical result:
- The cutting width is less
- for realisation of the same parametres of cutting is required laser with smaller capacity.
2. Laser radiation from fiber laser transferred per optical fiber directly in a zone of a focusing head,
That considerably simplifies the kinematic scheme of the machine tool.
At application СО2 of the laser the organisation of an optical path with application of reflective optics is necessary, that considerably reduces reliability of work of system as a whole.
3. The EFFICIENCY of the fiber laser up to 25%, (unlike EFFICIENCY СО2 of the laser - 8-10 %)
4. Economy of the electric power
5. The durability of the fiber laser makes 50 thousand business hours.

3. Controller

Servocontroller LSMC-4 is used for linear and circular interpolation carries out functions of control by drives of the laser machine tool and function CNC:
- spline interpolation at travel per curvilinear trajectory of any complexity in 2 - 3 co-ordinate system (the trajectory is set by points at which working off the drive not stop in intermediate points).
-carries out also functions of the controller of electroautomatics (QLC);
the Complete decision for typical task is reached at connection of LSMC to the panel computer through standard interface RS232 or USB. The language for PC programming is opened.

4. The software CncKAD

The program CncKAD offers a wide spectrum of operations of plotting for work with laser and plasma machine tools.
CncKad supports a full cycle of operations CNC, including plotting, automatic and interactive modes of processing, the post-processor, graphic simulation of execute codes, manual and automatic nesting, loading and reception of programs.
- the File transfer from Solid Works®, SolidEdge® and Autodesk Inventor®, direct reading the AutoCAD® files.
- cncKad support of a wide number of machine tools and support various language.
- cncKad - the powerful decision for fast creation of execute program and transfers of the program from one machine tool to another or from the machine tool of one type to the machine tool of other type.
- cncKad it is accessible, user-friendly and it is accompanied by the full documentation in corresponding language and has automatic procedure of installation.

The machine LaserCUT is made with using of modern accessories and the advanced world experience.




Станок лазерной резки LaserCut-3015-1 на базе линейных приводов и иттербиевого лазера
LaserCut 3015-1

Станок лазерной резки LaserCut-3015-2 на базе линейных приводов и иттербиевого лазера
LaserCut 3015-2

Станок лазерной резки LaserCut-3015-3 на базе линейных приводов и иттербиевого лазера
LaserCut 3015-3


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станок лазерной резки металла Станок лазерной резки LaserCut-3015-3 на базе линейных приводов и иттербиевого лазера
LaserCut LaserCut 3015-1 LaserCut 3015-2 LaserCut 3015-3
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Maximal stroke X, m 3050 3050 3050 (max 12000)
Maximal stroke Y, m 1550 1550 1550 (max 2500)
Maximal stroke Z, mm 80 100 100
Repeatability, mm
±0.01* ±0.01* ±0.01*
Resolution, mm 0.001 0.001 0.001
Maximum stroke speed on X,Y axes, m/min 60 120 180
Maximum acceleration,m/s2
6 10 20
Controller type LSMC4   LSMC4   LSMC5x2
Controller interface RS232,USB   RS232,USB   RS232,USB, EtherCut
Recommended laser power, kW 0.4-1.5**   0.6-2.0**   2.0-4.0**
Максимальная толщина реза низкоуглеродистой стали, мм 14/7 20/10 25/12
Maximum weight of processing details, kg
700 800 900
Overall dimensions of the machine, mm
8000x2500x2200 5300x2950x1720 8700x2500x2500


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