двигатель на основе прямого привода синхронного


Torque motor consist of two parts:
fixed stator with three-phase winding and rotor with glued magnets

Stator and rotor should be further mounted into users indexing table

Tables are controlled by standard servocontrollers and CNC (PLC)

Torque table consist of synchronous motor with built-in radial-axial (thrust) bearing, incremental sensor and hydraulic brake (optional).

Absence of mechanical transmissions,
high precision, repeatability and resolution,
no backlash, smooth movement,
low profile,
hollow shaft.



linear motors
TORQUE MOTORS (ROTARY SYNCHRONOUS MOTORS ) RM24 (Outer diameter of stator to 286 mm)

мотор синхронный
TORQUE MOTORS (ROTARY SYNCHRONOUS MOTORS ) series RM-36 (Outer diameter of stator to 755mm)

поворотный синхронный мотор
BUILT-IN TORQUE MOTOR RM24-120-20-C RM24-120-20-C-ES1


motors of ruchservomotor

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станок лазерной резки металла rotor stator



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